Morly Shapiras Therapeutic Healing

Frozen Shoulder

I couldn't lift my right arm. After few sessions with Morly, my condition improved tremendously.

I feel so much better now!

Ruth C.

Lower Back Pain

I am an engineer and spend long hours sitting near my desk working. Recently I have been suffering from lower back pain that became worse and worse.

Morly helped me to get rid of my lower back pain by massage and stretching. 

Now I go to her regularly for maintenance.

Morly is a helpful and knowledgable massage therapist.

Dan O.



I had a terrible migraine. It started at the middle of the night and didn't improve until the following evening. I took various pain killers, including vycodine which is a strong narcotic medication. Nothing helped. I didn't know what else to do!

Morly did a one - hour Energy Healing session on me: During that time the pain decreased a lot and after another 30 minutes it was completely gone.

Thank you Morly, you are great!


Livia B.

Getting Organized and Setting Up Goals

I felt caos in my life. I was constantly stressed. It seemed like I could never catch up on all the things that I had to do.

Morly helped me to get organized in my head, to set up some goals and to prioritize my actions. She helped me to achieve a more meaningful life. I am much more efficient and less stressed than in the past.

I highly recommend Morly, she is a wonderful life coach!

Tina B.

Life Coaching

Energy Healing

Massage Therapy