Morly Shapiras Therapeutic Healing

Energy Healing is a work of love. It works on different levels: emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical.

There are three groups of people:

People in good health - for them, Energy Healing helps maintain the good health by balancing their energy field.

People who think they are healthy, but their energy field is already affected, which can lead to a physical illness. For this group of people Energy Healing can prevent the illness and restore good health.

Sick people, who have no physical symptoms yet (for example, some people with a heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension); and ill people that their disease has already reached a phase of dis - ease, meaning that they already have physical symptoms that they are aware of. Energy Healing can help this group to manage or heal their stress, pain and ailment.

So as you can see, Energy Healing is beneficial for everybody.

Our Body is composed of energy.

We are composed of atoms. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, subatomic particles are separated by huge gaps, so in reality 99.99% of our body is empty space and its particles are held

together by energy connections.

How does the healer know what to focus on during the treatment? He acquires energetic information by scanning the Aura and the Chakras.

The healer conducts energy from the universe through his body to the client.

Our energy field serves as a template to the physical body. Balancing the energy field helps to maintain and restore good health.

The healer helps the client heal himself.  


We are surrounded by an electromagnetic field which is known by the name Aura. The Aura is generated by the spinning of smaller vertices of energy located within the body. These energy centers are called Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that was used by the Hindus. Its meaning is "wheel of light".

Most traditions refer to seven major chakras located along the spine.

In addition to the major chakras there are 122 smaller secondary chakras throughout the body. They exist primarily wherever there is a joint in the body or a nerve plexus.

The chakras nourish their corresponding body organs and systems, and serve as gates between our physical body and our electromagnetic field, the Aura. Through these gates a change in the energy field can affect  the cellular tissue.

Our Aura stores emotional energy created by positive and negative experiences. This emotional energy affects the physical body. As Carolyn Myss says, "Our biography becomes our biology". Problems arising from our electromagnetic field are later on manifested in the physical body.

Every thought, feeling, and experience a person has affects and changes his Aura. If the person has not released the feeling, it will remain in his Aura until he does.  


Most diseases are initiated in the energy field and than, through time and life habits, are transmitted to the body, becoming a serious illness.

The type of disease that we get and the body parts where we have physical symptoms have a symbolic meaning - our body sends us a message that something is wrong in our lives; Psychological or physical trauma are transferred into physical symptoms. 

It is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illness, what it means to us, and what we can learn from it.

A strong link exists between physical and emotional stresses and specific illnesses. This connection has been well documented, for instance with regards to heart disease and hypertension and type A personality.

Moreover, certain emotional and spiritual crises correspond quite specifically to problems in certain parts of the body. For instance, people with a heart disease have had life experiences that led them to block out intimacy or love from their life; people with low back pain have had persistent financial worries; people with blood disorders frequently have deep seated conflicts with their family of origin.


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